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With mobility issues becoming a daily issue and the current master bathroom in need of repair, this retired couple sought to remodel their home to suit their current needs:  an accessible master bathroom, a larger laundry room, and a customized media center in the living room.  The master bathroom maintains its current size, but is completely reconfigured including a curbless shower, a drop-side bathtub, and plenty of room to maneuver should walker or wheelchair use become a necessity in the future.


The clients, audiophiles and move lovers, desired a better media set-up for the living room, as the existing fireplace and cabinetry were seldom used and the current media configuration blocked the existing windows and the connection to the backyard.  The new cabinetry is custom designed to accommodate all audio/video needs and provide display space for their glass collection. The design takes cues from the cabinetry in the newly remodeled adjacent kitchen


Glass mosaic tile and materials with a lot of depth and movement are incorporated throughout the project, as requested by the client.

Cedar Mill Main Floor Remodel

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