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"I have to tell you that it looks spectacular, thanks in no small part to your design.  It is really an enchanting, if not magical, space and [we] are deeply appreciative of the effort you put into creating something so visually exciting and memorable.  The way the hallway draws the visitor toward the bedroom entry and then opens onto a complex space of turns and heights is truly exciting and enhances the sense of drama.  I have to say that it exceeds our expectations in ways I had not imagined possible"

                                                                                          -Glyn Norton, client

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"Although we had some specific ideas in mind about our mid-century remodel, we were never able to put it all together until Angie was hired as our architect. She came with strong references from several other homeowners and she did not disappoint. Along with a great sense of design, Angie's winning personality, efficient work style, willingness to listen carefully to our needs and dedication to produce a quality design resulted in a great final product. In addition, she was a great resource for decor, appliances, countertops, tile and fixtures. Importantly, she referred and worked closely with a great team of contractors, cabinet makers and crew who were all quality craftsmen. Any project which Angie takes on will undoubtedly be of the highest quality and sure to please!"

                                                                                        -Bette Yada, client

"Angie did the architecture and design work for a major remodel project in our residence. This included the master suite, family and dining rooms. She also has done preliminary design work for the guest suite and an office. She was easy and fun to work with, as well as being thorough and professional in all aspects of our relationship. Most importantly, she is highly creative and has the wonderful ability to bring her client's taste and ideas into a good workable design. We have other projects in mind for this residence, and Angie is the only architect we will consider using."

                                                                                      -Jeff Lebens, client